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Owned - Empty Words

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Date:October 25th, 2004 07:26 am (UTC)
why? because she is a talentless airhead douche who looked at her sister and said "me too", most likely threw a tantrum until the record company dyed her hair dark and gave her a script of problems to hoe-down to while the best of Milli Vanilli plays in the background.

I mean, if it's the same song again then fucking sing it again or maybe start your band over. It's SNL! Don't walk of stage!!
Look at Elvis Costello. He stopped his band once when he didn't want to play a particular song...they played a different one then left the stage AFTER the song. why? cuz he is actually a musician. A weird one granted but if things fuck up, then cut your losses and start over...fuck even Poison did that when they fucked up at the MTV awards...and they're fucking Poison! ewww.
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